To begin with, Monokol reborn near an ex-industrial site in Italy. Also, Monokol is inspired by the geometric and squared lines of the structure of its dismissed sheds. There, took place the industrial. And, in 2016 the company founders decided to establish their headquarter in this ancestral area.


Firstly, the name of the brand is an optic acessory. Of course, we know it as ”monocle”. Born in the XVIII century. In fact, this object helps to improve just one eye’s sight.

In the XXI century, it became an eccentric accessory. To explain, aristocrats and dandies used monocle as a synonym of elegance and elitism.

In fact, the idea was to adopt a word able to recall the image of this ancient object. And only after several researches, the co-founders decided to name the brand “Monokol” ,after a Scandinavian word with the same meaning.


The Brand idea is inspired by the evolution of our contemporary lifestyle. Monokol products translate the world’s fashion changes.  Looking for a chameleon style through the study of design and traditions, in a constant attempt to be headed towards the future.

Their aim is to create eyewears that are not just a design object but a concept, an idea and a way of thinking.

“The glasses we wear say a lot about who we are”.